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Breeding for Temperament, Type, Health and Beauty
STUD   The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted feline. The spots are already visible when the kitten is born. The head is slightly rounded, with no flat surfaces. The cheeks are not well-rounded (except for fully grown males). The profile is not straight but gently curved. The ears ought be medium to large, broad at the base rising at a 90 degree angle. They should be moderately pointed, with or without fine hairs on the ends and an impression of transparency through their pink interiors is much desired.

The body, medium in length is muscular but elegant. The body must be proportional and balanced with a sturdy bone structure. The fur of the Bronze Mau is soft and dense. The three principal varieties are the silver, bronze and smoke. On the Bronze; the coat is light brown, a warm base colour.  The belly and the neck are a creamy colour.  The markings are dark brown which form a good contrast.  The nose, lips and the stripes of darker fur at the outer edge of the eyes are dark brown.  The nose-pad is brick red.
    The pattern of the markings is identical in all the varieties.  The body is spotted.  These spots vary in size and form and are distributed randomly (they can be large or small, round or elongated or irregular).  They have to be well defined and contrasted.  On the shoulders and legs, one finds a combination of spots and lines.  On the belly, one finds a double row of spots (like the buttons of a jacket).  On the chest, one or two broken bands. The spots need not be symmetrical on both sides of the body. 
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The pattern on the Mau's brow resembles a beetle which according to the Egyptians is the symbol of the sacred scarab beetle.  The tail is banded and tapers to a dark point.  Two stripes of darker fur that start at the outer edge of each eye and traverses the cheeks makes the Mau more alluring.

Genotypes of Mau Coat Colours

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