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STUD   The Standard states that ‘The Egyptian Mau is an elegant cat of moderate, foreign type characterised by a random spotted pattern seen both in tabby and smoke colours, and a unique ‘worried’ look. This facial expression is generated by large, gooseberry-green eyes set beneath a level brow and on either side of the parallel lines of the nose. The Mau is an active, well balanced, medium-sized cat with a strength and hard muscular feel that belies its graceful build. Males tend to be larger than females.’

Head: A slightly rounded wedge without flat planes and of medium length. Not full-cheeked, but allowance should be made for jowls in adult males. Profile shows a gentle contour with a slight rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead, which flows back into the arched neck without a break. Entire length of nose of uniform width when viewed from the front. The muzzle should flow into the contours of the head, it should be gently rounded, neither square and boxy nor pointed. The chin should be firm with a level bite.

Tail: Medium length, moderately thick at the base and tapering slightly.
  Ears: Medium to moderately large. Broad at the base and moderately pointed, slightly flared with ample width between them. Set well back on the head, but cupped forward and alert. From a front view, the line of the ears should continue the planes of the head. Hair on the ears should be short and close lying. May be tufted.

Eyes: Large and shaped like rounded almonds. Set straight in the head beneath a level brow with a slight upward slant to the lower lid only.
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GENETICS Body: Medium-long and graceful, showing well-developed strength and having a hard, muscular feel. Shoulder blades high and prominent. Allowance to be made for muscular necks and shoulders in adult males. A loose skin flap extends from the flank to the knee of each hind leg.

Legs and Feet: Elegant and in proportion to body, with medium boning. Hind legs proportionately longer, giving the appearance of being on tip-toe when standing upright. Feet small and dainty, almost round in shape.


Coat: Hair is of medium length, close-lying with a lustrous sheen. In the silver and bronze colours, the hair is dense and resilient in texture and accommodates two or more bands of ticking separated by lighter bands. In the smoke colour, the hair is silky and fine in texture.

Information extracted from the GCCF Egyptian Mau Standard of Points (Issue 2 - 13/07/03).

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