GenieMau Bronze Egyptian Maus
"Breeding Purebred Cats is about a search for Perfection"
Extract from: The Bronze Mau, Past Present and Future by Dr Melissa Bateson
Our Newest Stud
C.F.A. GR. CH. Maunarch Pharoh of "Geniemau"
C.F.A's Best Bronze Egyptian Mau 2008/9

Imported in 2009

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Meet Ramah Geniemau Liolisimba (Buddy) our Bronze Stud.

Imported in 2008, Born 17/07/2007, Blood Group A. He is a considerate and Gentle Boy.


    This strong athletic boy brings vigor and genetic diversity to our magnificent breed our thanks go to Denise Keenan for this handsome boy.

He has many grand champions, regional winners and national winners in his pedigree. Details are below of his father and grandfather.

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 Above: Liolisimba's Father

Grand Champion, Breed Winner, Regional Winner Ramah MauTan Man -Bronze

CFA's 2002-2003 Best Egyptian Mau -NW Region 9th Best Cat

"Cougar" is a beautiful, warm, correct bronze with outstanding contrast and coat ticking. He is our first National Best of Breed winner. Couple that with an outstanding temperament and show personality and the package is complete. A true gentleman he has access to our house with no restrictions. His dam, Mauria is the first CFA grand champion bronze female to achiever the title Distinguished Merit or DM. That title is awarded to females who have produced 5 or more grand offspring. Cougar's sire, Lucky, is on his way (we hope) to becoming CFA's first bronze grand champion male to earn the title Distinguished merit. To do so he must sire 15 grand offspring. ~

(Extract from The Ramah web site by kind permission of Denise Keenan)

 Above: Liolisimba's Grandfather

 CFA Grand Champion Brockhaven Lucky Strike - Bronze


4-09-1994 to 8-11-2006

"When a Dream becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure"

"Lucky" has been lovingly "loaned" to us by Dot and Brock Brocksom of Brockhaven Cattery. he's been with us now for over 5 years and continues to be our "main man" siring beautiful kittens with outstanding contrast and the "Brockhaven" look. He has sired 6 (and counting) grand offspring to date. Lucky is a full brother to Grand Champion Brockhaven Mamnoonam, silver Egyptian Mau male and the only Egyptian Mau male to date that has earned the title of Distinguished Merit having sired 15 grand offspring. ~

(Extract from The Ramah web site by kind permission of Denise Keenan)

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